Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's in a stamp?

Ask anyone about stamping preferences and you're bound to get a tirade of passionate responses. It seems that once we've identified our choice, nothing else will do...
So, I was asked for preferences and here's the reply: I prefer wood mounted stamps or rubber stamps mounted on "easy mount" backings because they have more longevity of image quality.

While clear (acrylic) stamps are great for image placement, frequent use distorts the stamp - - they are too fragile for obsessive stampers.
Additionally, with the wood mounts, I am ready to stamp without additional supplies, I know I have a stamp that will last, and the hand grips are usually more comfortable. The image is going to be secure because it is specifically fitted to the block - overhanging because of bad
sizing ruins a project!
Easy mounted rubber stamps are great for those of us with huge collections and limited space to put them. They are often stored in binders, are about as strong as the wood mounted rubber stamps, and require only one set of blocks for a whole collection... I can also combine images on one block to stamp a scene in one stroke (see my blog, the Magnolia mother's day

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